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Greetings from the Edge
over nine years ago

I have a 7 y/o daughter, and news of these failings of humanity really distress me.
I have actually discussed with my daughter several studies on human reactions to perceived crisis/threats.
When I explain to her experiments such as the smoke-filled room, heart-attack on the street, electro-shock an unseen stranger, etc. she doesn\'t believe me when I tell her that, in groups, people tend to ignore the crisis/threat because they don\'t want to draw attention to themselves or single themselves out.
I can only hope that she will maintain her childhood-clarity should she face such a situation in the future.
Here is the url to one of the papers I referenced with her:

Big Dave (OZ)
nine and a half years ago

I think it comes down to \"the mob mentality\". Most teenagers are individually, very decent kids. But when they\'re in groups, that individual decency is subverted by the mob \"animal\". Probably only 1 or 2 started this rape, but others joined in or did nothing. Their parents will probably say \"they\'re good kids\" or \"she must have asked for it\". It\'s happening all over the world, kids gather in groups, boast about what they can get away with, and try to out do each other. When they\'re in a group they don\'t think there will be any individual accountability. The first one to speak up, will convict the others.

And no, TV, movies and games has nothing at all to do with this.

Big Dave (OZ)
nine and a half years ago

Wow, serious deja vu. Oops, cellphone repeat.

nine and a half years ago