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Dave (UK)
nine and a half years ago

The original series was something I do remember watching first time around. It seemed pretty good for its time although the 80s shoulder pads date it and I can\'t remember them asking for help from outside. Perhaps I didn\'t see it through.


I did see the first episode of the \"Re-imagining\" and posted this elsewhere. I may have been a little drunk but it pretty much gets the point across.


There is always the supposition that precedes any kind of tele-visual entertainment; that it has been a creation of society in its own image. What has gone before is a reflection of its own time and what happens as now is similarly a reflection of the now.

I note all this with the first viewing of the first episode in a new version of the hairspray and camp that was the original series of \"V\" from way back in the mist of the 80s. A time when Joan Collins shoulder pads were \"in\" and Robert Englund was \"That Freddie guy who turned out to be good after all\".

So, the first episode has aired and what have we learned? Well, speaking as a foreigner viewing an American production it would seem that the writing team may have comprised of Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, and an assortment of pejoratively-titled Conspiracy Theorists.

It comes across initially as a damning indictment of American political culture and perhaps at worst an all out attack on the current President, Barack Obama. Perhaps I\'m being over sensitive but there are some pretty big less-than-subtle nods to this.

Note the dramatic pause and close-ups when the Visitor High-Commander Anna promises \"Universal Health Care\" for all earthlings. Note the representation of near messianic worship and its parallels to the pre and post election fervour that was shown across the world from United States during its recent election. Note the Obama... er Hitler... Visitor Youth don their uniform in the hope of an easy lay. Note also that this time, the Jack Bauer of the hour is now a terrorist, or at least will probably become one. How times change; how freedom is now slavery and war is in fact peace.

I digress a little and must also acknowledge an old collection of writings that I alluded to in my opening gambit. It is this religiosity that reminds me in part of the \"Left Behind\" series. This is a somewhat ambiguous tale of mostly good over evil. After all the Visitors make the lame walk, and made the blind see more TV. It will be interesting to see how much more social commentary can be stuffed into 45 minutes over the next few months. I suspect it won\'t break any new ground or win many prizes, or even run 6 seasons. It will however be a lesson in how art imitates life and potentially vice-versa.

First episode: 5/10 (with an extra 1 on hold - just in case there is more political satire)

Big Dave (OZ)
nine and a half years ago

I enjoyed the original series, I\'m undecided as to whether I will watch the new one or not. I try not to read too much political stuff into these type of shows. I can\'t remember if the aliens offered the same incentives in the original series. I enjoyed the original Battlestar Galactica, but watched only 2 episodes of the new series. I\'m not a real fan of remakes of TV series. They usually fail to capture the orignal feeling.