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Si From The UK
over eight years ago

'Old Man Peanut!'

over eight years ago

I saw the trailer for 44 Inch Chest when it came out and always wanted to see it but it just fell to the road side for some reason. However, you have reminded me, so now I must seek it out. Thanks.

Simon From The UK
over eight years ago

Ripley. Nah, 4 was just a techno version of her, nice tight brown leather trousers mind *cough*

Film recomendation for you chaps, from 2009 -
44 Inch Chest (Winstone/Hurt/McShane).
Proper brilliant take on the gangster genre and a wonderful meditation on love and letting go.
Sort of in the vein of In Bruges.

over eight years ago

I as well try hard, as comfortably possible, to keep my spent money in a local circle. It's very easy to go to Amazon and find everything you want. However, it is also relatively easy to do the same thing locally - one just needs to have more patience. Meaning, I can buy a lot of media products, say CDs, DVDs & books via local stores. If special ordered, things usually come in about a week or less - with zero shipping charges. Sure, its usually a little more expensive, but remember, you saved that cash on not paying for shipping. All said and done, the total cost of the purchase(s) generally match Amazon.

Further, I totally agree on not supporting big businesses. Like Walmart. I worked there years ago as a post college job. I got the bills paid - with a price.

I had to work around several bosses, which all had differing work ethics. Job was mindless, repetitive work. Trust me, saying "How may I help you" a hundred times a day turns your brain to mush. Paychecks was terrible, along with their lousy insurance benefits. To top it off, you work with, and help the Denizens of society. White trash, morbidly obese and poor mannered folk seems to be a common customer (and employee) there.

Ever see that peopleofwalmart picture blog? That couldn't be any more accurate.