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Sep 3, 2012

Today on the 5: I recently picked up the Adonit Jot Touch and have been using it for a bit now. My review of the pressure sensitive stylus.

six and a half years ago

Yeah, I've seen that app pop up a lot of places. I'll probably try it out at some point. I was using Paper as my main app for a while, but Sketchbook Pro has taken over since I got the Jot.

Christopher Rose
six and a half years ago

Hey Joe,

Ive been waiting for a pressure sensitive pen to use on a tablet for a while. I currently use the Wacom Bamboo Pen.
But app-wise; Im not sure if you have used this, but ProCreate has been amazing for me. Yes, it aimed at painters, but there are fantastic brush creation tools, as well as pen and pencil tools with a huge amount of preferences and dynamics.
Definitely worth a try.