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over nine years ago

It was by Murray Leinster, \"First contact\". Great comments all around by the way. Would be interested to see some sci-fi written by modern day writers with very minimal cultural cinema input. Dreamers writing in the mountains where the TV signals dont reach lol.

Big Dave (OZ)
over nine years ago

I thought it was funny when the comment was made, that we haven\'t even left the planet yet, especially when you consider the title. Lot\'s of people have left the planet, in flying saucers, so they could have their asses probed. Now that\'s alien relations for you.

I heard about the change in the tilt a few days ago, now that\'s a massive shift of mass. Imagine what some of the big volcanic events have done, like Krakatoa. I watched a doco on Tunguska the other day, it makes you wonder if some of these older events had an effect as well, but we didn\'t have the ability to measure back than. Still a bit freaky though.

Dave (UK)
over nine years ago

The planetary tilt thing is a lot of fuss over nothing. The analogy of the spinning ice skater who spins faster when they pull their arms in (Come on, we\'ve all done it in the office chairs!) is over-used but accurate enough for rough demonstrations. The speeding up is next to nothing, as far as I know global weather systems create a bigger effect on the planet than this, and in any case the earth is slowing down. Cast your mind back a few years, remember the \"leap second\"? I say more cowbell and more quakes! (okay that\'s frivolous and in bad taste but you get the idea).

The movie thing is interesting; I suspect a lot of it (mainstream Hollywood) is art imitating MSM and political agendas. Don\'t dismiss this as a conspiracy theory and bear with me...

The 1950s saw films such as Day the Earth Stood Still and Invaders from Mars. The latter was a blatant analogy for the Cold War; they were the Red Planet under the bed. That\'s why Earth was the victim, because USSR was seen as the aggressor.

Fast forward to recent productions such as 9, Wall-E, 2012, and of course Avatar. In all of these films we see examples of lazy gluttonous humans; humans raping and plundering for profit; the world reclaiming itself from humankind. What is the subtext for these films in this current age? Yup, the notion that humans are killing Gaia and that we must pay for our sins. I\'m not arguing whether AGW is real or not. That is not my point. It is merely to demonstrate that Hollywood follows fads and this is the current flavour of the month.

As for your discussions of The Trek I found the correlation between the Elves and the Vulcans... er... \"fascinating\". Never looked at it that way before. I have to admit to getting caught on Encounter at Farpoint as well until you mentioned The Borg. (who\'d knew they\'d be Swedish?)

I\'m also intrigued as to what the \"submarines in space\" story was called Lando. Can\'t recall if you mentioned the title, I was half-way through my 10 mile cycle commute at the time.

I really enjoyed this episode guys, thnx.

P.S. I wouldn\'t touch Twitter with a 10ft pole. Fuck \'em. ;o)