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Ash Kicking

Apr 21, 2010

Big Dave (OZ)
almost nine years ago

We have stock we regularly ship from the EU, it\'s all delayed. This thing is affecting everyone.

I hear the Yellowstone Volcano will fire up next, the land is rising about 2 feet a year I hear. When\'s it going to pop. Hope you guys aren\'t too close.

We\'ve been getting a few tremors down here as well, and we\'re supposed to be one of the most geological stable continents. I wonder if something big is coming.

Dave (UK)
almost nine years ago

You\'re all fucked in the U.S. if you get one go up. By that I\'m talking about transport. As far as I\'m aware the majority of your train network is the reserve of the East coast. Most continental travel is by air. As I said for the show, London was actually quite a pleasant place to live for a change. That\'s changed today. Contrails and shitty cloud cover with jets flying constantly. Apparently a few RAF Typhoons from near my old neck of the woods have been grounded because the engineers have found a fair amount of gunk in the engines. But hey, they\'re £70,000,000 each and slightly more expensive than the human life:profit ratio.

Potentially we could have a bit more of this to come. There is a \"Big One\" on Iceland that\'s threatening to blow. Check out Katla. Makes eyeofcastlegreyjelloskull look like a brain-fart and these babies are linked.

Personally, I\'m prepared for such nonsense. Any hike in food prices due to non-availability would be mitigated by a stock I keep for just in case issues such as unemployment and the unexpected. This would certainly fall into the latter!

almost nine years ago

I got my family stranded in both Russia and Italy - travel was, and still largely is, quite impossible. So yes, it was awesome in a way, just like any other natural disaster. One thing I am grateful for is the Soviet rail network that is still functioning, can\'t imagine all of US suddenly switching to Amtrak in case something similar happens.

I haven\'t been listening to \"No Agenda\" - but that volcano eruption can probably be linked nicely with the earthquake machine: it\'s all CIA\'s doing? bankrupting the EU.