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Back To Earth

Nov 23, 2009

nine and a half years ago

Yeah, it\'s very possible that my American nature leads me to find more humor than a native. I certainly find most American comedies bland, perhaps a symptom of the same condition? As for the original series, I never get bored from beginning to end, the characters are just too good. \'Smoke me a kipper\'...that alterna-Rimmer was a riot.

Big Dave (OZ)
nine and a half years ago

I\'m a fan of Red Dwarf, but I haven\'t seen Back To Earth yet, I was undecided, but I\'ll track it down now. The original is still funny, it\'s a bit like watching the 3 stooges for me, silly humor, but funny. I really didn\'t enjoy Riddick, but I liked Pitch Black. I\'ve just watched Babylon A.D., which I really enjoyed, I wasn\'t sure what to expect, but it was good.

Dave (UK)
nine and a half years ago

The girlfriend and I watched it over Easter. I have to be honest and say I didn\'t like it on my first (and only) viewing.

I guess it might work better for you because you may not know as much about Coronation Street as the British. The whole thing about meeting up with Craig Charles, the actor on \"Corrie\" just struck me as lazy and lacking ideas. Shame, the beginning and end were much stronger, even if they had to rely on the Despair Squid.

I have all eight series prior to this and lately series 1-3 have been getting the most viewings. I think it\'s because it was a lot fresher, and also a lot more cardboard and sellotape!

Now, smoke me a kipper, I\'ll be back for breakfast!