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Big Dave(OZ)
almost nine years ago

I can see him as he\'s dumping the boat, giggling to himself, \"yup, saved myself $18, top of the pile, that\'s me\".

How many beers will $18 buy anyway.

I\'m pretty sure I can see myself on Google Earth. I was at work, and I can tell by the shadows what time of day it is. There\'s a particular van parked outside our warehouse, and I used to help him unload. I can see the hi-vis vest I where next to the van. I\'m about 90% certain it\'s me.
And yes, I was a bit freaked when I saw it.

Here\'s the coordinates if you\'re curious
33°50\'46.86\"S 151° 2\'31.76\"E

I\'m the orange blob in the shadow next to my old silver pathfinder.

Dave (UK)
almost nine years ago

Ten quid (£10) to dispose of a boat? In Florida they don\'t know they\'re born. To be fair they don\'t know they\'re parents either...