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May 2, 2010

I declare Captcha a failure and an annoyance.

In so doing, it is banished!


almost nine years ago

Can I just post my bank routing number here? Email is so annoying to use, it\'s just like my pager.

Big Dave (OZ)
almost nine years ago

Another little annoyance out of my life, although I was sometimes amused by the randomness of it.

And now just for fun........

Hysterical pumas

almost nine years ago

Good news... I had to refresh that script a few times as i could not read the words... God help those who are sight impaired getting it right!

almost nine years ago


I am writing to OZONE NIGHTMARE to inform you that you are the last of kin to Sir Mesosphere Nightmare. Mr. Nightmare had a bank account sum of 6.4 billion dollars here in Abuja, Nigeria. If you would like to claim this sum, please reply to this message with your name, bank account number, and contact information to ensure that funds are transferred appropriately.

Thank you for your time,
FeeFee Adeyemi, Controller, Royal Bank of Nigeria