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Oct 3, 2008

This week, we're covering a few big topics and a few small ones. We start off with an artist that Lando wanted to spotlight, Ashley Wood, and from there we move into some comics discussion before one of our big slices: Google's Android mobile OS. After discussing our predictions and feelings on this open source mobile, we move into the current U.S. economic crisis and from there just a bit of politics in general. Enjoy!

Opening Music: "Alive WIP v2" by George Carpenter
Closing Music: "Blau.ton" by Rauschwerk

ten and a half years ago

I listened to this episode a couple of weeks late - but as for Spain\'s economy... Spain is like the wild west - you can do anything you want but don\'t be stupid enough to get caught. This includes banks, real estate devolpment, sex, and everything in between. Two examples: Lots of new housing developments are in the works. But they cannot get enough water and utilities to them. You can see them like great upturned arcologies on the horizon. However, if you rattle the wrong cage and ask for your \"water rights\" it may be discovered that you have been duped by ponying up the money to some corrupt city planning commisions that allowed this new development \"pyramid scheme\" to be constructed on federal park land. You watch the city bulldoze (LITERALLY!) the place into the ground and you have no way to recoup your losses. Example number two occurs near my duplex. A main road is known for prostitutes. During the day it is Eastern European women and at night it is the African women. This is all organized and legal. ITs illegal to be a \"john\" but the city keeps the streetlights off so business will flourish. BUT, the scariest thing about Spain right now is the Roman Empire / Catholic Empire thinking. Which, oddly enough, is evident within each individual. This manifests itself as an admiration of brute power. Society must be controlled! So, in order to function as a law-abiding citizen, you live in fear of breaking a law that is never enforced (unless you raise your head and look the wrong person in the eye...) Spain doesn\'t really care about the US or any other country - unless they used to be a part of the New World, and can be viewed as culturally backward... BUT - they have Vermouth on tap and that\'s pretty dang cool...