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Aug 14, 2012

Today on the 5: It's the first of a 3 day movie review marathon! I'm starting with a movie I've never seen, the Troma film Class Of Nuke Em High.

agent zee
six and a half years ago

Troma movies are definately in the so bad they are good catagory. I watched class of nuk em high recently, don't think it stands up as well as the toxie series does but it's still fun! I've been on a bit of a b-movie trip for a while, if you get the chance check out "thankskilling" (I dont even have words for this insane film) , "the video dead" (80's low budget zombie film) and maybe give "robo geisha" a look. They are all on the US netflix ...getting access to the american version of netflix (I'm a brit) has really widened my easy access to bad movies!