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Dave (UK)
almost nine years ago

When does an artist \"Jump the Shark\"? It\'s all a bit objective isn\'t it?

I used to listen to a band called Status Quo; been around for decades. I gave up on them in 1990. A friend of mine thought they\'d gone south 7 years prior. Another said they\'d never been the same since the first drummer left (1981).

Currently for me it is Muse. I don\'t think The Resistance holds a candle to Black Holes, but hey, I\'m a rocker at heart...

Big Dave (OZ)
almost nine years ago

I\'m with Lando, I loved Ender\'s Game, and I tried to read the rest, but they became \"Orson Scott Crap\" for me. I liked some of Vince Flynn\'s early stuff, but he turned into a right wing nut job, \"praise the lord, pass the ammo, and god bless amerka\".
Music wise, I only like the early stuff from ACDC and U2, and I got hooked on Morcheeba a while back, but they seemed to lose it when their lead singer, Skye, left. I listened to her solo album, it\'s better than Morcheeba without her, but not as good as when she was with them.
I remember reading about Douglas Adams, commenting that each of his books reflected his general demeanor and outlook on life at the time he wrote them, that\'s why some of the later ones were boring and a bit depressing. I\'ve read \"The long dark tea time of the soul\" 4 times. In fact, while going through my shelves recently, I discovered I had 2 copies of it.

almost nine years ago

I think we are often defined by the books we own multiple copies of, lol. Books I own more than one copy of:
Neuromancer - Gibson
Snow crash - Stephenson
The Color of Magic - Pratchett
Princess of Mars - Burroughs
And I may own a few doubles of Louis L\'amour Westerns. Man, I wonder what that says about me. Well at least I didn\'t find six copies of the bible and four copies of the same worn through romance novel tooked away like porn. I use to know a woman who would hide romance novels all over her house because she was afraid to admit she read them lol.

almost nine years ago

Orson Scott Card...\"Ender\'s Game\" was brilliance, and he\'s been letting me down since.