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Nov 5, 2010

In this week's show:

Happy Meal Ban
Number Stations

Music for the show provided by George Carpenter.

Big Dave (OZ)
eight and a half years ago

Yes, the pretentious can be very annoying, but they can be a source of amusement. Next time your near one with the fake specs, ask to borrow theirs, as you've left yours at home.

On the happy meal ban, the parents may have been buying them, but it's the kids that want and eat them. Maybe they'll be an under the counter job now, "Kids meal, with the special, thanks." I know people who have gone on to fat free diets, just cutting out fats and cholesterol, like closing a door. They usually end up with gallstones, because they're body is used to dealing with a certain amount of rubbish.

I like steampunk, but I could never wear it, it looks too uncomfortable, and too cool, I prefer to be uncool, that's the new cool.

Dave (UK)
eight and a half years ago

I'd never really considered denim to be a sub-culture until you put into this context. Sounds like a bunch of fashion-istas in my opinion.

That though brings me nicely to another bunch, referred to as Kitchen-istas. This lovely bunch (highlighted in an article as being from Manhattan, although I suspect they're global) have decided that their wardrobe and lifestyle is more important than cooking and as such have started using cookers and fridges as shoe racks and shirt shelving.

There is a lot who I see regularly around London (particularly the Shoreditch area). I believe they are known as Hipsters. You know the sort; they wear spectacles with clear lenses (usually thick frames). Bicycles are a chosen form of transport; those ones with garishly coloured frames and wheels and fixed hubs. Some cycle on faux-vintage bikes, which nicely brings me onto one of my petty gripes.

There are many clothing shops and "markets" that sell second-hand items. But no! These are no-longer second-hand in the hands of the Hipster. These second hand items are referred to as "Vintage".

Vintage!? Really?

It's definitely a generation thing as my girlfriend is happily at ease with this term and will correct my usage of "second-hand".

I must maintain that she is not a Hipster...

although she seems to know a lot.