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Jan 13, 2010

over nine years ago

I have just re-watched \'Dune\' recently and I must agree with you - it has something magical to it. Considering that Lynch was very much limited by the studio when he was filming it, and the original should have been a three-hour epic that would include a lot more.

As for being faithful to the book... Having read all Dune books I can say that they are very hard to translate to screen. Books are all about the ideas, the dialogs, the philosophical interactions. The attack of the Harkonnen on Arrakis is not even described in the first book, it almost feels like Herbert is not interested in \'the action\' that is going on, he skips those moments but spends great length of text on the talking... In that respect, yes, books are quite hard to read.

It is funny how in it\'s own time the movie was nominated for the \'worst movie of the year\' award by some american publication, but it still managed to acquire a semi-cult status. Not to mention the fact that it influenced the way future Dune computer games looked. It\'s much like the case with \'V for Vendetta\' and \'Watchmen\' - the original and the adaptation are different enough and both good (and bad) in their own way...