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Earth Day

Apr 28, 2010

Big Dave (OZ)
almost nine years ago

Earth Day?

We had Earth Hour, I turned the lights out, but I still watched the TV.

We had Clean Up Australia Day, didn\'t go, I don\'t litter.

It seems to be more of a marketing thing now.

Dave (UK)
almost nine years ago


\"Marketing. Bingo! Environmentalism is the new religion that takes up where Scientology left off. Neo-paganism if you will, this time with added capitalism.
Here\'s my beef. There are many things wrong that need addressing. Pest insects eat crops so they spray pesticides on crops. Pest are now polluted, crops are polluted, ground is polluted, so are the humans that work the fields. \"I know\", they say, \"Let\'s invest a pesticide resistant crop so we can spray the fuck out out of it.\" \"Yes, that way not only can we sell pesticide, we can also sell our GM seed because it will only work with our pesticide. Then when the farmer next door tries to harvest his organic crop we\'ll say he\'s stolen our copyrighted crop because you cannot stop cross-contamination. Of course they won\'t be able to accuse us of the same because not only is his crop not patented they\'ll not be able to afford the legal fees.\" Meanwhile crops are being engineered to cope with ever increasing salinated soil, so much so, that sea crocodiles are moving up Australian rivers. Rather than attempt to solve the problem at source all we ever seem to do is put a band-aid(plaster) over the problem and hope it holds until we buy more duck-tape. Same with everything we do (see fractional reserve banking); we look for the quick fix that continues to produce profit and shunt the problem elsewhere. Better to tear down the the whole stinking Babylonian Tower and start from scratch. I haven\'t read the Unabombers Manifesto but I suspect some of what I suggest was in there. Planting trees is great, better is planting trees that will feed you, then plant other things within your trees to complete a natural food forest, rather than row upon row of monoculture.\"

Dave (UK)
almost nine years ago

Earth Day!? As Aretha Franklin said in the Blues Brothers, \"Shee-it!\"

Just one more excuse to overlook real pollution and environmental corruption and bow down to St. Al of Kensington Gore.

On Earth Day you turn on all your fucking appliances and tell Al and Tipper to stick their carbon credits up their ass-hole.

Yes plant a tree, yes cut down on unnecessary pollution, including noise pollution from fucktard talking heads telling us that we should do something because it\'s Earth day.

Plant a Bush, just make sure the fucker\'s six feet under.

Dave (UK)
almost nine years ago

Brian, I agree with absolutely everything you said.

Good work fella. Fact.

almost nine years ago

Okay. So. What would you like to see people do then? What should Earth Day be like? Me, I just like trees and plants. My wife has imbued me with a new fascination for plants these past few years and I really love planting and protecting the trees around me. I dont mean that in any hippy dippy way, I just dont like cutting trees down and I think we should plant a lot more than we do. Earth day is the day people who dont care try to guilt other people who dont care to care. When really, the people who care, like Brian, care all year around. I plant trees on Earth Day. I plant trees a lot of other days too. I like trees. Earth Day should be renamed, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Let\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s not make this place unlivable shall we Day\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" However, thinking about what Dave said, if the bulk of the population is going to not give a shit and burn this place to the ground, do you still bother? Historically speaking, Earth seems mostly to like the time periods where nothing was alive and it was all volcanoes and ash and well, hellish, lol. So, on Earth day, should we celebrate the earth by giving it what it wants? Fireworks for earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, and all that jazz. Trees, like us, are just living on earth. In fact, most of nature is made up of things living on earth that we keep killing off. I think people are missing the point. To quote Carlin, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"The Planet is Fine. The People are Fucked.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"