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May 16, 2008

This week we're tackling the always amusing topic of "The World Is Ending" predictions. How is it that such a clearly ridiculous concept of people predicting "the end" still has such life? Before that lively mashing of a rather silly idea, we're gonna touch on Iron Man and a little GTA IV. No worries, though, this won't be a repeat of my review show since we pick up some threads I missed on my solo outing. Also, some half-ass audio experimentation by me! This one's got it all baby!

Opening Music: "Alright" by Flower Of Cables
Closing Music: "Blau.ton" by Rauschwerk

almost twelve years ago

Thats a very PKD end of the world Mal. I like it. Isnt it amazing how all of you are coming back at me with all these interpretations that say, no its not the end of the world its actually __________. So why then would people feel the need to take these ideas and twist them into an end of the world agenda? Do we need to have a punishment waiting for us that badly? Although, I do love the idea that the end of the world is brought about by mass tourism, granted from a time travel variety. But, when you strip away the layers, its tourism. Awesome.

David Rhodes
almost twelve years ago

We should all be wary of the power of the self-fulfilling prophecy.

almost twelve years ago

First off, love the podcast!!!
I just wanted to comment on your discussion on 2012.

There is no actual Mayan prediction that says the world will end in 2012. The Mayans believed that the world has gone through numerous ages, or Baktuns, and the current Baktun will end on December 21st 2012. This doesn\\\\\\\'t mean the world will end. All it means is that there will be a significant change in the course of Humanity. According to the Mayans the age that we are living in now began in 1618 and ends in 2012. They called this: Baktun of the Transformation of Matter. This makes sense in a way considering since 1618 we have experienced Descartes, Newton, the Industrial revolution, the first World Wars, the Atomic Age, Einstein, exploration of space, decoding of the human genome, and the Internet. Most people don\\\\\\\'t realize that the Mayan calender wasn\\\\\\\'t even created by the Mayans, it was passed down to them by a previous civilization called the Olmecs, and it is possibly even older than them. It is also more accurate than the Gregorian calander we use today.

I don\\\\\\\'t think the world will end in 2012. But I do see a major change in the course of humanity on the horizon.

almost twelve years ago

See, major change Im cool with. But I get all this doom and gloom end of the world crap constantly. People are desperate for the whole show to come to an end. Also, this whole concept that we will be entering a new age makes me wonder if its just another self fulfilling prophecy. Someone said its a new age so we made it a new one, lol. Ill check on these Olmec guys but I have heard of them and the same argument stands. If they were that advanced, what happened? Furthermore, I think we all need to stop trusting other people when they look at some strange ancient artifact and tell us it more precise that anything. I find that historically the people who knew what you did not always had the upper hand of control, like priests reading the latin mass and no one knowing quite what he was saying just that it was important. I would love and hope there is a major change in the course of humanity, and 2012 seems already too late for that change to occur. Let\'s hope for all our sakes that Im wrong and the Mayans and the Olmecs werent just blowing smoke up our asses. Thanks very much for speaking up on this one though, I really love that our listeners have something to say. I\'ll start reading more about the Olmecs and dig around if the calendar is older than them. What would be funny is if the calendar was a big warning from aliens that we had till 2012 to get our shit together and then they were going to come back for some serious fight, lol.

almost twelve years ago

McKenna Doesn\'t say the world will end either. In an interview on coast to coast years ago he said the novelty will go to infinity in late 2012. Novelty being the possibility of something new and unique happening/appearing. The theory that came up in that show is that a time machine will be invented and that the machine will allow only travel from the moment its created and onward.

Which bring me to my theory on how the world will be destroyed. I think the minute the time machine goes online every time traveler from all the billions of years of future history will come back to see the birth of time travel. All the trillions of time ships, with all their mass, in a small space will cause a gravitational collapse destroying the Earth leaving behind a black hole.

almost twelve years ago

I agree with the above comments, it\'s just people\'s imagination saying that the end of the calender means the world will end. When I was listening to the show one thing that occurred to me was why do we think that we are the most advanced civilization that Earth can support? From when life started on this planet its gone through cycles where life would build up, then some big extinction would happen (via ice age, meteor impact, etc), most of the life would die, but the remaining life would survive and evolve. Then this cycle just keeps going. Considering the minuscule amount of time that humans have been on this planet compared to how long life has been here, we really have no reason to expect that we are any different from every other life form. Shouldn\'t we expect to have a significant amount of our population (and other animal populations) be eradicated and then be replaced by superior forms of life?