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over five years ago

Here you have my few cents,

Error Note: Empathy is not Sympathy.

Both of you guys used empathy as if it were sympathy.
*If you sympathize with a chicken before you kill it you try to make it as painless as possible.
*If you empathize with a chicken you are very unlikely to kill it.
WARNING: This video exemplifies my point and brings awareness. Please read description before you watch it as it includes graphic butchering

When it comes to beheading Zombies we are all psycopaths?

Here is the point the neuroscientists Sam Harris recently brought up in th JRE. The same brain functions used to tolerate the sight of a zombie being beheaded in the walking dead, are likely to be used for butchering animals and if trained to allow marines to kill their human targets then urinate on them.
And the contradiction: the marine himself stated "Urinating on a body is worse than killing the guy? I already killed him, when you train us to kill you get both kinds of soldier the ones that kill and the ones that do what your morals despise"
Here is the problem, a person with a functional average brain can be turned to behave like a psycopath if trained (more likely to develop PTSD?). Also a person with a psycopathic brain structure can be a clean record scientist if trained.

Once a psycopath has acted upon his or her impulses is time for them to go to jail. Period.
Why? because, I do not buy the idea of repenting as it is rooted in religion and people like General butt naked just claim to be
"born again christians" to get away with genocide.

Yes, this psycopath general killed at least 1000 people and he is still free.

In conclusion,
It appears I have to agree with Lando, the root of discipline is impulse control.
We all have the potential neuroplasticity to be trained to be jainist vegans or berserk marines.
The jainist will go to the extreme of humanizing an even mosquitoes and the marine will dehumanize humans.
I think it is their discipline what allows them to be either as it is the will to be the commanding manager over the reptilian brain.
Remember Superman as a metaphor for never killing despite absolute power? We are like Superman when it comes to discipline and our impulses. We all have to learn impulse control. Be it killing ants with a magnifier, a domestic argument or road rage, we have to use discipline to be more human. You may disagree with me and Lando but disagreement is part of dialogue.