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May 24, 2011

almost eight years ago

Same as Chris... I'll switch back and forth as I replay games, but when I'm spending 50-80+ hours on a game (as with Bethesda games... Bioware seems to be going downhill), I definitely prefer to have my screen taken up by an attractive woman!

almost eight years ago

I agree with you Chris most of the time. There are however times when i play a game choosing to think of the main character as an extension as me. In that case I will go male, but if I am just having fun then I am all for watching a lady swing her rump through hours of game time.

Just read an interesting article in Wired about how they are trying to make military robots less human like so operators dont identify them as being entities so much as tools. Apparently you are less likely to take chances with something you think of as being alive. I wonder to some degree if I play my male avatars more carefully than a female character I am just watching runn around for me lol.

almost eight years ago

Hi Joe,

Just thought I'd respond to your daily 5. I often chose to play the female role in games like Fallout etc... because if I'm going to be spending 30+ hours on a game, I would rather spend it watching some hot chicks ass wiggle or a sexy hip swing, rather than stare at some dude butt!

Great shows! I listen all the time (but chose to remain silent).