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Dave (UK)
almost nine years ago

I get quite autistic sometimes. I\'ll lock onto something and that\'s it to the exclusion of everything else. Those gods sound ace though, perhaps they\'re burrowing upwards like the Silurians and caused the sink-hole?

Women, the eternal mystery. As much as I detest the Hollywood standard model for what a woman should be I\'m quite partial to slim and slightly athletic. Short or tall doesn\'t bother me but I do prefer small breasts. All that BBW makes me want to hurl.

Can\'t we put m-knight shamalamadingdong, bay, and Lucas in the sink-hole?

Black Superheroes? Sure, why not? Though to carry the thought-experiment forward I couldn\'t imagine a black Spider Jerusalem...

Big Dave (OZ)
almost nine years ago

I must admit that it made me laugh listening to that bit as well. The last person I knew who went so manic about something was a guy I worked with. He had a map fetish, and I introduced him to Google Earth. We lost him for 6 hours, he kept showing everyone all the different place he\'d been.

I do like the Captain America outfit, and why shouldn\'t there be a black Spidey. But if Bruce Banner was a black man, what colour would he be when he turned into the Hulk? Dark Green?

almost nine years ago

I always liked the gray Hulk.