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Sep 11, 2009

We're back this week, and we're opening with a strange spotting of the Goblet Of Fire and a discussion of being unplugged from the daily compu-grind. After that, we climb into out own heads to talk about phobias for a bit and we even find a website with a cure for a common one!
Speaking of the internets, we take some time to discuss the speed at which information spreads across the internet, correct or incorrect. We even start some nonsense ourselves! From there Lando and I butt heads on Puerto Rico, which I view as a model nation and Lando feels is a freeloader. As we near the end we get into a bit of language discussion and how our upbringing has factored into our word choices and even the structure of our conversations. Finally, we wonder if there exists a 'Big Question' that you could ask a room to truly gauge anyone, and has anyone out there heard it already? Enjoy!

Opening Music: "Alive WIP v2" by George Carpenter
Closing Music: "Born Under A Bad Sign" performed by The Great Oglee Moglee Blues Band

Benjamin Santiago
nine and a half years ago

In the interest of full disclosure, I am half Puerto Rican, but I never learned Spanish, and I\'m first generation American so I \"feel\" more American. That being said the whole \"pulling from the grid\"/beer-party metaphor doesn\'t really work out.
In reality its more akin to if you robbed someone\'s house (when you already had a perfect mansion uptown) because you decided it was easier for your commute to work, and decided to live there and then at some point you thought that the person owed you money for the bills.

Big Dave (OZ)
nine and a half years ago

I don’t have a GPS, I use Zen and the art of vehicle navigation. You follow a car that looks like it knows where it’s going. You don’t often get where you want to go, but you do get where you need to go. Sometimes they think you’re stalking them though.

I nearly choked once, I wasn\'t eating at the time, but something went down the wrong hole, I panicked and couldn’t get my breath for 5 mins, almost hyperventilating, I thought I was going to die. It\'s happened a couple of times since, but I no longer panic. I just close my mouth, breath slowly through my nose until the irritation clears panic is the real killer.

Self help- reprogramming can be dangerous. Just read this article:

If you want to get rid of inane conversationalists, this phrase works every time “ Oh my god, it feels like my arse is about to explode!” Or one of my favorite lines from Heartbreak Ridge “no hablo ingles”.

What Australian accent! We don’t have an accent, everyone else talks funny, not us. Seriously though, it\'s still developing, I can sometimes pick what state a person grew up in by the way they say certain words, South Australians especially.

P.S. Watch out for the Drop Bears!