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May 5, 2010

almost nine years ago

As far as I know there\'s no international version of Hooters.
In Melbourne, Australia there used to be an establishment situated right in the heart of an Industrial zone called \"McTits\" where the waitresses would serve you topless.
It has since disappeared unfortunately, most likely got sued from McDonalds.

almost nine years ago

McTits? Fuck, we need that here! What a brand!

Big Dave (OZ)
almost nine years ago

There is a hooters in Sydney, not far from where I live, but I\'ve never been to it. I do use the car wash next to it though. I was there when they were outfitting the place on a Sunday, all the tradesmen were there, which never happens on Sundays. Then all the girls came out into the car park, it was try out day, that\'s why all the tradies were there.

I also work with a woman who used to work at a place called hooters in Queensland (Australia\'s version of Texas). It is not linked to the US hooters. She boasted that she got paid $5 extra per hour for working topless.