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I Bow Before Crescendo's Wisdom

May 2, 2008

So after a frank (and appreciated for it) comment by Crescendo on our Twitter presence I really sat down and thought about whether there was any real benefit to the site from Twitter.

The answer? No.

Therefore I have ripped itf out and replaced with something that might actually benefit us: possible sponsorship! You'll notice to the right a giant shiny button that is a link to a survey that could actually get this shipwreck some financial stimulus, and all we need is your help. To get our site considered, we need at least 250 responses and while out audience is small, it is loyal and it's more than that number so this can be done.

If you enjoy the show, please take a few minutes and complete the survey. For those who only listen to the show, I'll be mentioning it over the next few weeks. Again, this could really help us out on supporting the show and I don't like the donation model so this is the only other way I see any income to support and grow the show.

Help out if you can!

almost eleven years ago

Well, I\'m embarrassed.

Just letting you know that I completed the survey; it was totally painless. Hopefully everything works out on the sponsorship front.

I know you said you don\'t like the donation model, but I would absolutely donate if given the chance (even if you were sponsored). I figure it\'s the least I can do taking into account the hours of entertainment you guys have churned out.

almost eleven years ago

Just finished the survey, hope this works out for you guys. also, I hope amid all this stuff you guys have seen Iron Man, goddamn, that movie was amaaaaaaaaaaazing.

almost eleven years ago

Thanks guys, hopefully we\'ll get the survey numbers we need and every person taking the time to do it counts!

david rhodes
almost eleven years ago

survey done...