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May 11, 2010

Big Dave (OZ)
almost nine years ago

My worst fix on a computer, I was talked into replacing the RAM on my second PC, I believe it was a 486 with 128mb of RAM and a 20Gb HD. I wanted to increase to 512, and I bought 2 256 chips. The guy in the shop said they were easy to swap over, and they were, he said it would automatically recognize the change, and it did, for a while. Over the next day it slowly died. I took the box in to the shop, 3 days and $400 later it was working again, \"we formatted the hard drive, seems to have fixed it, and we saved most of your data (porn), and we put some new RAM in\" \"But the RAM was new\" \"ah yeah, we did that as a good will gesture\" I read later that the fault I had was probably due to 2 incompatible RAM chips. Bastards!

I did the back brakes on my car once. Over the next couple of days I wondered why it suddenly had heaps more power, it was spinning the back tyres everywhere, and sliding out of corners. I discovered that I hadn\'t done it right, brake fluid was leaking over the tyres. Oops.

Dave (UK)
almost nine years ago

I may have fucked a mum-board by shocking it. I need to crack on with my desk-top again because I reckon the graphics card is fubar\'d. Just too tight to put it in for fixing, been waiting to grab an old card to test it before I resign myself to buying another new mb.

Cars: I\'m not expert but U.K. used to publish something called the \"Haynes Manual\". They did one for every car on British roads. These books would show how to fix EVERYTHING *PAUSE*, literally everything! Amazing.