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Jun 11, 2010
So who is the lunatic pictured above and why does he put this show out, anyway?

No big mystery, really. I've always been a loudmouth opinionated person, and really what better forum for that than a weekly podcast?

I started this show mostly out of boredom and a desire to try the medium, and once Lando came on board it just took on a life of its own. Before this, I went to school for illustration and then realized I would have to do real work to make money. I still love art, and I do it when time and creativity allow, but it became clear very quickly after graduation that it was not the career for me.

There's a fair amount of irony that a proudly native New Yorker would end up meeting his wife as far away as possible: California. I've never been the type to be too tied to where I am, so when the time came for one of us to move I was the one who uprooted and split. While this state is most decidely weird, the weather is outstanding and all in all I've adjusted. Deep down, though, the Empire State will always be home.

Not much else interesting about me besides that, guys. I do IT work, pump out some artwork here and there and muddle about in amateur photography. Beyond that, this is where I spill the overflow from my brain. It ain't much, but hopefully it's entertaining.

almost seven years ago

Joe any suggestions on webos apps. I have aquired one and need your guidance. lol Love the show brotha!

Eduardo Camihort
over eight years ago

Hello, Joe

i would like to aquire a 200 DVD? How do i order it?

I would only pay $10.00 because i can't afford to pay more.