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Just Saying, It's Weird

Apr 5, 2007

This entry is a quick report on a funny little true story.

I'm sitting at work today waiting for a billing report to process, wandering the internet to fill the time when I come across a very funny collection of celebrity cameos in crazy Japanese commercials. While doing this, I have NPR running in the background since it makes for a very good background stream of information. As I get to the final video on the list, starring the singular Charles Bronson pimping a brilliantly named product called MAN DOM, NPR comes on with this story featuring an interview with Florida's Agricultural Commissioner.

His name? Charles Bronson.

I'm not saying it means anything. I'm just saying, it's weird.

almost twelve years ago

Hey Jacob,

I still don\'t believe in the \"moment\", not sure much could convince me to. I see what you meant about the transition, but to me the act of trying to focus on the \"here and now\" is meaningless. At least in my view, it\'s not possible.

Maybe a good example is simply how we act in life. There\'s two types of reactions: planned and impulse. Planned implies that you are considering a future consequence, impulse is \"in the moment.\" Since impulse actions are by nature almost mindless, they can\'t be considered \"in the moment.\" I suppose in the end it\'s just a matter or perception. Some people claim they can focus on a single point in time, through meditation (or other means) and if so, great. For me, though, it\'s always the stream behind or the torrent ahead, never in between.

almost twelve years ago

i see what you\'re saying. but yeah, i think i am coming more from a perception perspective. i think the planned or impulse reaction always happens at the edge of our perception. so the stream or torrent would only exist as we are thinking about them...? it\'s interesting to think about, anyway ;-)

thanks for your thoughts...

almost twelve years ago

synchronicity indeed.

and joe, are you more of a \"believer\" in the moment now? you never answered my post from the interview with ben ;-)

i\'d love to hear your thoughts...