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Jun 11, 2010

There’s a funny story about Joe and I from the first year of our having met. Joe lived in a college suite with some friends of mine while I was living in blessed isolation in the single rooms across campus. I was working on my BA with a double major in English and Psychology and hadn’t yet discovered the desire to learn everything, though it was bubbling. I did however discover a rather comprehensive personality test in the Psychology Office’s library, which, I then administered to most of my friends in Joe's suite. Afterward, I administered the test to myself, waiting to score them all together so that I wouldn’t slant my own answers based on subconsciously desired results.

After several hours of crunched numbers, I ended up with a set of results for my friends and Joe. What I saw was a group of people with very common personality traits, you might almost call them stock personality types, which make up most of the population. What I had not counted on was that Joe and I would fall into a personality type that was shared by no one else in the suite, and in fact only shared with three to five percent of the population. It was a leadership type, a personality that refused to take orders blindly and which sought to instead discover its own path. What made it funnier was that Joe and I were counter point inside the type. Joe was a leader who preferred to lead from the shadows and remain out of the spotlight, effecting control of the world without demanding recognition. I was a leader who did not want control but through effect of personality drew people to me and created tribes. A drastic simplification of the types of course, but the point was that I had met someone like me, just on the opposite end of the pendulum.

This show is the interest on years of friendship between two people of a less common personality type who refuse to be led and instead lead themselves. Joe went the way of Art and I went the path of English and Psychology. I have a MA in Writing, and MA in Psychology, and a MA in Literature. I believe that knowledge is the greatest wealth and would keep myself in education forever if I could. Instead I read a lot and subject myself to college courses on tape in a constant struggle to learn, well, everything.

I was raised on Fantasy and Led Zeppelin and matured into Cyberpunk and Techno. I am the child of immigrants who themselves stepped out of the common roles their parents expected from them, starting a tradition of rebellion. These days I read every genre but my love of the sea is always the seas of Science-Fiction, or as some have started calling it, Speculative Fiction. Beyond my education and reading I don’t have much more to say, I never really liked the idea of bios and the like. I have been writing since I was eleven, and one day I do hope to touch the minds of others the way my mind was touched at a young age, starting me off into the lands of mind and question. Gibson’s Neuromancer was more than just futurist crime fiction, it taught a boy like me that life could be very different from what the everyday dictated.

I hope this gives our listeners some better ideas of their hosts. Oh, and one more thing, I am confident that Theodore Roosevelt would kick Ernest Hemingway’s ass in an old style fistfight. That said, enjoy the show and thanks for your time.