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Feb 18, 2011

In this week's show:

Alien 3

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Music for the show provided by George Carpenter.

Big Dave (OZ)
over eight years ago

Interesting stuff Dave, the major difference is that they access to some major munitions now, and the internet to "spread the word".

I suspect they were only friends with the Jews back then because they were both minorities of some sort.

I recently had a discussion with a christian about the evolution\creation debate. He got upset when I told him I refused to believe in any god who would either do, or allow to happen, what is happening in the world today. I'd rather believe in Crom, at least he doesn't fake interest in us.
The look on his face was gold.

Dave (UK)
over eight years ago

As you've probably already discovered Islam was founded approximately 600 years after the start of the C.E. (or Anno Domini if you're a Christian) and curiously enough were initially best buddies with the local Jews. I see you're ahead of me... "So that means their are roughly where Christianity was in the 1400s"

Well I had to have a quick look: 1400s. Notable for the Gutenberg Bible; creation of the Spanish Inquisition; and... lots of Jews getting kicked out of Europe!

*strokes beard of knowledge*