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Aug 13, 2010

In this week's show:

Scott Pilgrim
Sam Kieth
The Value Of Experience

Music for the show provided by George Carpenter.

Big Dave (OZ)
eight and a half years ago

I've also done the glider thing, very cool. Did the pilot take you through the prop wash from the tow plane on the way up.

We had a group there and the pilot selected me personally, because of my size. He described it as like putting a bigger paper clip on a paper airplane, more weight equals more speed, equals more fun.

Other experience I remember, both good and bad.
Standing next to an Uncle's hospital bed, as he finally stopped breathing. Being best man at my brothers wedding. Driving my first V8. Winning the longest drive for the first time while playing golf, and getting my first eagle (2 under).

Dave (UK)
eight and a half years ago

Re: Cool artists. Mick Bunnage the other co-creator of Modern Toss was at an exhibition of their work and happily engaged people that had come to look around. Spoke to him for a while before I got him to sign some books. Cool bloke.

Search for "Modern Toss" on YouTube for their stuff (it was a short-lived comedy sketch show).

Experiences: Probably last year when my Good Lady bought me a session in a glider for my birthday. That was a quality day out and a little bit scary when the guy let me take the controls. I'm a thousand feet up in the air and now I"M RESPONSIBLE for keeping from plunging to our deaths!

Fantastic! :)

I was going to say something else but I'll be damned if I can remember what it was now. Too bloody tired, for a change. Enjoyed this show, even the bit that left me wistful.

Wolverine? WTF!? Enough of the 'roids alrady...