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May 7, 2010

As promised, here be our second interview show with Benjamin Grundy and Aaron Wright of Mysterious Universe!

I won't even tell you to enjoy it, cause I already know you will.

Opening Music: "Alive WIP v2" by George Carpenter
Closing Music: "Superheros 2007" by The Toxic Avenger


Dave (UK)
eight and a half years ago

Congratulations gentlemen. I suspect the first episode with no darkness. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Funny, witty and just laid back enough to be... er... nice. I did enjoy this, some nice background on Jason Newkid, sorry Aaron and a bit of tin-foil-hatted-ness to boot.

In summary: win.

Sorry I\'ve been tardy to the party of late but been bust with camping trips and hung parliaments... ;o)

eight and a half years ago

Well Dave, glad you enjoyed the break from the bleakness, cause here it comes again next show!

It\'s not on purpose, honest!

eight and a half years ago

\"What do you mean you have no flight response?!\" - priceless...

As much as I enjoy your show - I still think you haven\'t fully tapped your potential for interviewing people. How about you go and invite some more open minded folks from similar beyond-the-mainstream podcasts just to ramble? From the top of my mind I can name quite a number of podcaster who are not that hard to get hold of: Jim Kunstler of the, KMO of the, Andy Zaltzman and John Oliver of The Bugle, maybe even Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak? I am sure that if you just send out a friendly letter to some of the above or any other you will get a positive feedback.

Anyone else has any suggestion for future guests?

eight and a half years ago

Dmitriy, I agree that this show had more of a bounding box than most, which was just the reality of the constrained time we had to work within. I will look into the shows you mentioned above, and I am also hoping we can get Ben and Aaron back for a more free-wheeling show, one where we can really get in depth on some of the things we touched on.

And yes, the flight response exchange was very funny.