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Jun 11, 2010

This week, the second part of the biggest crossover of the summer, Mysterious Universe vs The Ozone Nightmare! This is 2 hours of no holds barred random conversation, so dig in and enjoy! If you're looking for the first part, just hop on over to MU and become a Premium Member. Enjoy!

Opening Music: "Alive WIP v2" by George Carpenter
Closing Music: "Superheros 2007" by The Toxic Avenger

Dave (UK)
almost nine years ago

Aw Bless you. So nice for our colonial cousins to appreciate the Mother Country. I raise a glass and salute The Empire in your appreciation of what the United Kingdom has given both your fledgling countries.

I knew we had had some musical talent here but wow (it's definitely a complement to hear that from two differing English-speaking nations), I'm humbled and also a little big-headed. Yeah, I secretly knew it... ;o)

As for that old chest-nut of of "free-music". I have purchased Toxic Avenger's SuperHeroes and also the Balanceman remix album after hearing them on O.N. and M.U. respectively. The concept of music piracy is something that should be rammed so far down the throat of that bloke Large Oil-Rig from Metalligay that it gives him a little turtle head in his pants. Bottom line is I wouldn't own half the music I do if it wasn't for people giving me tapes of their own collection, or ripping CDs, or er, LimeWire... Musicians: If you're shit is good enough people will buy it, end of.

As for that Brazilian "Dutty Wine" (look that up, that's some bad Jamaican dance shit), WTF!? That is bordering on ABH. That last thing I want is someone's stink-lodge thrust into my nose at Warp 9. Wrong, bad and wrong.

I'm a little jealous having listened to this marathon. It's like being in the pub and eavesdropping on a conversation that sounds more interesting than the one in which you're involved currently.

Did I mention I'm also on Skype? ...

Dave (UK)
almost nine years ago

Zune? Must've missed that Herbert classic!?

almost nine years ago

Hey Neptune, no offense meant on Zuners. The feed should now work correctly, thank you for informing us it was incorrect. Please try it again and let us know if it's still not functioning.

almost nine years ago

Sure hope this is the shows music catalog you spoke of. Downtempo was awesome.

Thanks Guys
(Member from the start)

almost nine years ago

Yes, some people STILL have Zunes. I enjoyed the first part of your crossover at MU, and would love to subscribe to your podcast, but your feed is dead in the Zune Marketplace. I'll d/l a few of your episodes via the web links, but help out the few thousand or so of us who have a Zune or Zune HD in our cars on the way to work and update your feed over there. You guys are great; take care!

almost nine years ago

sounds good. I'll have to download the Part 1 file on limewire or some other file sharing site ;-)

Dave (UK)
almost nine years ago

Haha, I win! Glad I read this before listening though. Means I will have to hit the MU feed before this one.

Comments to follow...

almost nine years ago

ozone nightmare? Who the hell is this messing with my MU fix.
Bahh humbug. :)