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Sep 3, 2010

In this week's (solo) show:

Lone Nut
Apple TV

Music for the show provided by George Carpenter.

Big Dave (OZ)
eight and a half years ago

Would I want to live forever, it depends, if it's going to be boring, what's the point. We would have to seriously do something about birth control. It would make interplanetary travel an option though.

Ever consider that maybe Steve Jobs is holding Apple back, maybe they've got a lone nut sitting in the corner with some brilliant ideas.

I don't think a vagina with legs is art, but if it was at least partially functional, it could be classed as a tool. I once heard an artist say that art should challenge you, bullshit, the Mona Lisa doesn't challenge me, but it's definitely art.

I actually work with someone, that most people at work believe could end up being a "lone nut". He received a first and final warning for drawing a picture of someone lying in a pool of blood with a dagger sticking out of their chest, and "ha ha ha" written above it. He then received a second one for abusing a couple of managers. When it finally happens it could be a big one.