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Jul 14, 2011

seven and a half years ago

Doesn't affect me at all. I'm just hoping that it will help shore up their streaming business, as I'm already a streaming-only customer.

One thing that irritates me is that any time I think "Ooh, I want to see ______!" I immediately make a bet with myself that it will NOT be available on netflix streaming. I've won billions from myself on that one! I've only been wrong I think twice. That doesn't mean there's nothing on netflix worth watching -- far from it. It just means that any movie I have a craving for is almost guaranteed not to be available. TV shows are much better, and of course there are loads of great movies I didn't know I wanted to see.

If this pricing change helps the streaming industry by moving the consumption away from discs, forcing the studios to follow the money, well I'm okay with that!