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Dave (UK)
eight and a half years ago

To be fair the first person I thought of as a possible replacement was Johnny Depp.

I'd like to see Patrick Stewart play Spider Jerusalem...

Big Dave (OZ)
eight and a half years ago

I am one of those who found Nueromancer hard work. In fact I'm not sure if I'll ever pick up any of his other works. It didn't bother me that he didn't explain everything, I've read books that don't. I think it was more that it felt like I was reading the 3rd novel in a trilogy, which actually does sound like I needed things explained, but I think it was that there was no establishing of characters and their motivations and histories. But like Joe, I have to be in the right mood, and of full consciousness to read books like that, and maybe I wasn't. Too late now though.

Who could play Iron Man?

Definitely Kirk Lazarus.

Maybe Russell Crowe?

Johnny Depp could pull it off.

And I see Tom Cruise wanted to play it originally, he could do it, but it would be wrong.

Benjamin Santiago
eight and a half years ago

I know this might be terrible...But it MIGHT be cool if the individual avengers characters each got a separate movie..much like a comic book crossover and they would have big marathon of all of them. Or they break it up into "volumes" as did Kill Bill. Just sayin...