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Big Dave (OZ)
over eight years ago

Just a couple of things my tired brain forgot to put in:

T3 was complete crap, far worse than T4.


Lando should get some clothes made with some metal embedded, that looks like a terminator endo-skeleton, so when he goes through the a TSA scanner, he makes them poop their pants.

Big Dave (OZ)
over eight years ago

I love old style "real" special effects. Sometimes they're so bad, they're good. I love watching old war movies where they blow models up, it never looks realistic, but hey, they're still blowing shit up.

When I watched the trailer for "The Gate", I remembered some of it, like the eye in the palm, and the guy falling over and breaking into demons. But I do agree that sometimes it's what you can't see that makes it scarier. Although, I find humans whose movement is inhuman, insect-like, or just plain unnatural, very disturbing.

T4, I actually enjoyed it. I find if you over analyze films you will spoil them for yourself. I'm trying to remember some of your "issues",
The Heart - he was an experiment, maybe the first, the heart would have been genetically engineered to be compatible with all humans.
The Submarine - maybe not such a bad idea, but communicating by radio, that was dumb.
The fact that the Sam Worthington charachter just popped up - I thought he was in the facility that was raided at the start, it was all part of the plan to get Connor to manufacturing hub.
Sending one T-800 after him when he arrives - he's just one human, sending that particular model, it was the one that eventually killed him, could have a psychological effect.
The motorcycle terminator - Yep, that was dumb.
The big one sneaking up on them - didn't it drop from the big flying unit, nap of the earth flying will get you pretty close before your heard.
The dumb things I see in the Terminator films,
Why are the infiltration units big heavy muscled dudes, surely in a world where everyone is scratching to get by, a well fed guy with a gun who wants to be your friend would stand out.
The A-10s - what airbase with facilities would still be operating?
I'm sure there's more, but I'm getting tired, I'm going to bedssssssssssssfffffffffffoiiiiiii