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Dave (UK)
eight and a half years ago

Damn, should have commented Wednesday.

Lando, I think it's fair to say that a lot of people feel they are in a job that is plainly beneath them. Speaking personally, I received my degree only in 2004 (a mature student). Before that I conducted staff supervision and scheduling in a factory. For the last three years I've been driving a small truck around London delivering tools and shit. Every day I die a little more. I have base skills in IT but need to get back up to speed. This is nigh on impossible when I'm getting up at 4am to get ready for work. Catch-22 and all that. It's a bunch of old toss and every day it feels like I'm getting closer to turning Hummer-Hitman!

I'm sure half of London despises the other half; I'm a little different in that I just dislike pretty much everyone here. All the idiosyncrasies, arrogant attitudes, ignorant behaviour, and petty liberal sensibilities of well, everyone, has me wishing for a slower time.

Perhaps I should move to New Zealand? I hear it's 1960 there...