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Oh, Ronald

Aug 14, 2008

Came across this post this morning, thought of a slightly more fitting tweak on the image:

Gave me a chuckle.

ten and a half years ago

Love the tweak! I think that it\'s more fitting than the original post.
Also, I have to say that Ozone Nightmare was one of my favorite podcasts. I always listen however I\'ve been going through back podcasts just to catch things that I forgot, or may have not picked up on. I felt kinda silly because Ozone Nightmare was almost the only podcast that I listened to on a regular basis. So I decided to listen to other podcasts just to make sure that I wasn\'t missing out on something. :) I have to say that after listening to other podcasts, there is a HUGE reason why you, Joe and Lando, are my favorite to listen to. You guys approach interesting things with an intellect that engage the listener. I have to say that you guys are still number one! Thank you so much for rocking and bringing new things to the listeners of your podcast.
Btw, I emailed Kevin Smith\'s myspace because I couldn\'t find his email at the time I wrote the letter.
I\'m super excited to hear episode 100. Ozone Nightmare gets better with age. I can\'t wait to hear more.

Christopher Goodspeed
ten and a half years ago

Is that Ronald McCloud of clan McCloud?