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Big Dave
almost eight years ago

So I asked a good catholic boy, I say boy but he's about 20, if having surveillance cameras watching him 24-7 would bother him, given that god is always watching. He said it wouldn't bother him at all, his ultimate judgement would be at god's hands. I also asked a much older, possibly more pushy, christian. He disagreed, men are not to be trusted, unless they live by gods rules, and if he doesn't know who's watching him, he doesn't like it.

almost eight years ago

I saw Green Lantern and oh man was it a mess.

Geoff Johns' GL run is one of the most perfect film trilogy templates I could imagine in comics:
Act 1: Hal gets the ring, GLs & Oa are introduced, Hal beats a bit villain, Sinestro hints at turn
Act 2: Sinestro turns in the first third, then a stripped down film version of Sinestro Corps War, with hints of other colored Corps shown
Act 3: A stripped down film version of Blackest Night

Instead, the Green Lantern film spent way too much time on Earth, which is the most boring setting for a space cop to be in. Green Lantern has had a lot of success in the comics world recently because the story was largely taken off of Earth and put into space where this all-powerful (compared to Earthly villains) character can be tested in a believeable way. Green Lantern isn't like most other comic books that spawn films. It is a cosmic, sci-fi, space adventure. The film ignored that almost completely, and reduced it to just another superhero movie.

The overarching plot was totally backwards if they were intending this to launch a trilogy or even a decent sequel. No way should Hal have "beaten" Parallax in this film, much less by himself. They rushed to use Parallax as a main villain, when that idea would have been better used as a long-term background threat to be dealt with in a second film along with the Sinestro Corps. In doing that last bit they wasted an admittedly lame, but decent and fittingly small-time for an origin story villain in Hammond. Hammond as the main villain with Parallax lurking in the background and Sinestro showing signs of turning could have fleshed out the antagonist side and provided a great lead-in for a second film.

The Guardians made the yellow ring and then Sinestro put it on for no discernable reason. If Sinestro is planned to be the big villain of a second film, his origin was completely botched. If I didn't know what the yellow ring and Sinestro's costume chaged meant, I doubt I'd be excited in any fashion to see what happens next. There was so much potential for this story, and it seems insane to me that it was botched so badly.

Ryan Reynolds turned out to be a good choice. Not the best choice, but I think a lot of that was the writing rather than the actor. I don't know that he could have played the swaggering, uber-macho character that Hal Jordan should be, but for the portrayal in this film, he was good. Film-Hal displayed far too much fear, reluctance, and general pussiness than he should have. They tried to make that transformation the crux of his character, when Hal Jordan should always be the badass, unstoppable jet pilot who never thinks twice and goes balls to the wall all the time. The character points instead should come from a guy like that finding himself within a cosmic military where he has to take on responsibility and follow rules instead of doing whatever the hell he wants whenever he wants. That's why Hal Jordan was always an interesting character to me, and I'm sure the general public (particularly in the USA) could also latch onto a guy like that.

I liked the new background for Parallax and its general appearance, though it could have used a bit more yellow tinge to the smokiness to drive home the color theme. Oa, Sinestro, etc were all very good, though a few more minutes introducing some of the GLs who were featured in the advertising would have been nice. CGI was good, and the nature of the different characters' green constructs was fitting. I liked how they kept on referring to the mask as silly, because it really is outside of a comic book page. All of the background chaarcters were perfectly fine for a comic book movie, where nobody really gets any layered characterization except for the main players.

It was cool that this film was released and that some of Geoff Johns' awesome ideas are being shown to people who'd never read them. But the piss-poor plotting will probably lose most of those who don't already know the long-term story.