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almost nine years ago


Big Dave (OZ)
almost nine years ago

I played soccer for a few years when I was growing up, and in all that time, I scored just 1 goal, and in my last game as well. I think the thing that annoys me most about the international game, is the faking of injuries, it's just so wrong. If you've ever seen it played at weekend warrior level, you would understand how disappointing it is to see these guys, who have so much talent, virtually cheating to win. The guys who play local club matches, play it much tougher. It's probably the reason I tend to enjoy watching Rugby League, if those guys stayed down, after suffering a real injury, they'd be called a wimp, let alone faking it.

With the free kicks, of course you're going to cover your balls, you can duck your head, and they head the ball all the time and there is a technique to it, but you can't duck your balls.

England V Germany, it's not just them. They also love to play Argentina as well, hang on, they had a little war with them too.

Remember, don't mention the war, you did, but I think you got away with it.

Dentists, Hah! I've finally got my implant put in. $6,754. Not cheap, eh. I've also had root canal therapy. It is not painful. The only part that was painful was the first visit, and that was because the tooth had an infection in the root. Once the infection was cleaned out, it was great. Each visit (4) he'd numb the area, and open it up, and clean it out with these amazingly sharp little needle files, and no pain. And because it was a molar, it didn't need to be bleached.

On another tooth related thing, I was just reading an article on astronaut training, specifically, low air pressure training, if you suddenly get a sharp tooth pain, you have to tell them immediately, or your tooth might explode because of an air pocket in it. Sounds painful.

P.S. Australia has a new Prime Minister, and it's a woman, and a red head. Look out.