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May 20, 2008

See, it's times like this I feel stupid for giving the benefit of the doubt. A few weeks ago I posted an entry where I tried to take a balanced look at 2 stories involving possible police brutality. Then I read this and have to wonder if we shouldn't outfit every cop with a helmet cam just to make sure he doesn't commit murder-by-stupidity.

Just makes you angry.

almost twelve years ago

I think what angers me most about these stories is the fact that the honorable, good police officers don\'t police their own better. I realize it\'s a family, I understand that trust is a huge factor when the guy next to you might save your life, but hiding behind the blue wall when a fiasco like this goes on brings shame on everyone.

The fact is that a kid having a seizure being tased multiple times for actions he can\'t control is outrageous and inexcusable. That we as a society tolerate it is regrettable, but that the other officers in that department do is unconscionable.

almost twelve years ago

I suppose there are always psychopaths in all occupations and the police force would attract more people who get off with the power and authority over people. To look at the other side of the story (which is no excuse for police brutality in the case you mentioned) My brother-in-law is a cop working in child protection and said it is hard working with parents that abuse, torture and rape their own kids. He is a great bloke and most of his mates are real down to earth family men. Of course some of his mates are pretty tough and take no quarters and i suspect they may ruff up scum behind closed doors--illegal, yes--good or bad is a matter of opinion.

I have neighbours who are unemployed drug addicts who scream and yell at police who are called out quite often because they are off their head scaring the older residence. Then every complaint under the sun is lodged about police brutality when arrested as they know how to play the system. Police are only humans and if you deal with habitual lying criminals all your working hours It must effect you.