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almost nine years ago

If I were to draw a conclusion based on whatever data that pro-banning-violent-games-people are using, I would say that people who are violent are drawn to play violent video games, because they want to live that fantasy. They just tend to graduate into a full blown murderer. Junior already wanted to kill a hooker; he just did it in real life too.

Here's another thought (and I think Joe touched on it as well): if it says use discretion: USE DISCRETION! If it says not suitable for children, don't let your six year old play games where people's heads explode. People always want to blame the entity providing a product, rather than taking personal responsibility.

I'd better stop. I feel a tirade forming.

almost nine years ago

People think that if you do something in an alternate setting then it must mean you are willing to do it in real life. I hate that belief. Don't get me wrong, there are crazy fuckers who would. But then, those crazy fuckers would also go kill people regardless if they were playing violent video games. Violent people snap. They could be watching Carebears for fuck sake and just go ballistic. Games are games. What we do in a world without rules translates to what we would do in a world without rules. So, when I chop people up with my helicopter blades in GTA4, that's probably what i would do if I were a super being who could not die in a world with no rules, no meaning and no point beyond amusement. In the real world, I don't own a helicopter. Stop looking for excuses, some people just snap and do fucked up shit. The games do not drive them to it, so shut up and let me kill my imaginary people with my imaginary grenades. It's calming.