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Nov 12, 2009

nine and a half years ago

Rejection. I\'ll weigh in because I get a lot of this lol. Being a writer, it\'s all about rejection. Stephen King\'s book \"On Writing\" can corroborate this for me. Writing for publication is for many a life time of rejection letters with next to no reason for why you didn\'t make it. I know I get to a point where I don\'t even want to bother sending my stuff out, because those letters become like a reoccurring bummer to my day. Oh look, another letter saying, no way and no reason why, olay!

If I was really successful in my job it might take the sting out of the rejection letters, but I am not. I have too much education and too little \"real world\" work experience for most people to even look at me. I barely even get to the interview process. I got turned down from a midnight shift job at UPS for fuck\'s sake. And now I work with my family, which is good paying work mind you, but it\'s the kind of work that leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Make you think that you never could make it, and your family had to bail you out. Yeah, so, this is Lando, from the bottom of the barrel. Hello.

But, I keep on looking for work. I keep on writing. I keep on. I am not a positive person these days, but I try to laugh real hard and count myself lucky that it could be much worse and it hasn\'t, yet. But fuck me would I like to work in a field I was actually educated in.

Dave (UK)
nine and a half years ago

I\'ve been getting this one two times a week for the last 12 months. I\'m trying to get the hell out of London and applying for work has been, at best, frustrating. The endless standard, \"your qualifications and experience did not match...\" without an explanation is soul destroying.