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Big Dave (OZ)
over eight years ago

Just finished listening, I think doing the show on some mood displacement drugs would be great, just don't tell us which one, see if we can guess.

If you really want to mess with the TSA, make them do a line up, so you can chose the one to search you, and instead of saying anything, just start to moan softly, and if you really want to screw with them, take some Viagra just before the search, guaranteed to ruin any TSA agents day.

Sorry for the delay, my computer died again, and I fixed it again.

Dave (UK)
eight and a half years ago

Saw this on my iTunes feed and knew damn well what was coming up, although I did wonder where it was going with the Green Lantern.

Somewhere in the mists of these show comments is something I said (maybe it was January after the scanners were first introduced). It pretty much mirrors everything you said today, from the "after the fact" approach to TSA security right to the "profiling" of the Israeli security. I have to say I still stand by them and would not possibly entertain the prospect of head-fucking security rather than refuse point blank, seems more fun.

The British journalist in question was a guy called Simon Singh. He won, but it was not an open and shut case. Firstly it looked very much like he was going to lose, all because a judge made a ruling on the definition of a certain word. Fortunately this ruling was eventually overruled, but not before two years of Simon's career was put on hold and a significant amount of his money was spent. If he hadn't had the backing of numerous people, including The Amazing (James) Randi, Dara O'Brien then this may have had a more bitter ending.

One good thing to come from this is that U.K. libel laws are set to be reviewed, this will be good news for people the world over.