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Nov 11, 2009

Big Dave (OZ)
nine and a half years ago

Stereotypes aren\'t bad, we all fit at least one, you\'ve just got to learn to use them for your own benefit. I\'m the weird loner, sometimes just for laughs I put a shovel and some rope in the trunk, and when people see it, I pretend like everyone carries some. I have an Asian friend, a very large Asian friend who once took 5 goes to park his car, I asked what was going on? He just said \"you know what it\'s like, we\'re not good at driving cars\". He always got lots of laughs with that one.
And lastly a question, Joe, while you\'re doing these podcasts, are your hands gesturing madly, to punctuate your speech? or don\'t you fit that stereotype? And if you do, can we have a video?