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Big Dave (OZ)
almost nine years ago

I know 2 people who have recently tried to give up cigarettes, and failed. One of them actually stopped for 4 weeks, then stupidly thought he could just have 1, he\'s now back at 10 a day. It\'s just like in the ad, the brain is addicted.

I remember the first time I took a vitamin supplement, I gave an involuntary \"AHH\" when I saw how bright yellow my piss was.

It\'s funny how adding to a name can change it, take Quinton Jackson, the UFC guy playing B.A. in the new A-Team movie, just add Rampage as a middle name, and it\'s a bad ass name. Big Dave comes from when I played soccer when I was 9, there were 3 Daves\' in our side, I was the big one. I really like some of the names from Douglas Adams, Slartibartfast always makes me laugh. One of the women I work with wants to name her first son Typhoon, after a car that she likes, poor white trash? I would change my name to Jack Hammer , then every time I watch the 5th Element, and Leeloo says \"Ja Ja Hammer\" she\'d be talking to me.

The company I work for has just started an internal networking site similar to the Facebook, Myspace and the like. So we can keep everyone informed of what we\'re up to both socially and work wise. It\'s voluntary at the moment, and all the idiots have jumped on and are trying to convince everyone else to join. I flat refused, and warned others that every thing you put up \"can and will be used against you\"! I can\'t believe just how stupid and naive people can be.