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Jun 10, 2011

In this week's show:

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Music for the show provided by George Carpenter.

Christopher Rose
almost eight years ago

Hi Guys,

Just a quick idea in response to your podcast section where Lando was talking about backing up his harddrives.
Lando, Joe asked you what you would do if you were to have a fire. You quickly pointed out that you don't want to use online back up! fair enough... i feel the same. But what you could do, is give one of your backup drives to Joe. That way, should anything obliterate your house (and lets hope nothing does!) you will have all your stuff on a backup drive at Joes.

Just a thought.



almost eight years ago

I posted a few videos of Randy Savage and Jesse Ventura at the forum.

I wanted to comment on the stuff about women sweating and couples working out together.
My wife and I work out together fairly often. We used to a lot more but she now trains with the MIT Triathlon team so we only align workouts a few times per week. We have a basic home gym and also take pilates classes together. We run together every once in a while, though our differing goals at the moment make it difficult to align (she trains for tri distances while I've been working on barefoot sprints and agility). But, no matter if we are actually sweating together or we get home from different workouts at the same time, the pheremones just about always do their jobs. I don't remember exactly, but that is probably what -really- first got me in the habit of exercising regularly. Sweaty woman are exceptional as long as they aren't wheezing or anything. Knowing that the same is true for her is just another impetus for me to stay fit.

Big Dave
almost eight years ago

Looks like I'm early on this one. I've never dreamed a lifetime, I don't even remember dreaming for what "seemed" like longer than a few hours. I've woken early and drifted off for less than 10 minutes, but had a dream that felt like a couple of hours. A lifetime would seriously freak me out. How would you know what's real and what's a dream. I hate the dreams where you're looking for something, you don't even know what it is, but you know that you can't find, but you have to keep looking. You feel tired when you wake up. I once played a few hours of Quake, and then had a dream I was in the game, very scary. Or after being on the road all day, 5 or more hours of driving, when you finally stop and go to bed, you wake yourself almost straight away, thinking you've gone to sleep at the wheel, very annoying.

Backing up on the net, I just can't bring myself to do it, my paranoid side says "I don't want my stuff out there". Seems unreasonable, I know, but that's just me.