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Take The Wheel

May 6, 2010

I asked this on our Twitter feed, but I'll ask it here as well. My goal is to have each component of our show have a unique voice.

Our main pillar, of course, is the weekly show. That is where we put our main energy and effort. No changes there, only improvements or minor revisions where necessary. In many ways, our shows today are no different than they were 2 or 3 years ago. The formula works, why screw around with it?

Our secondary content is now the Daily 5s, which I think have worked out very well. The consistent input from you, the audience, is all the result I need. By anchoring them on the show page, the goal was to have a drive to visit the site and that also seems to have worked out.

Our ugly duckling, in many ways, is our Twitter feed. Now you've heard me slam Twitter often, but as a supplement and not a main way of communication, I have seen value in it in many spaces. In light of that, I'd like to utilize what is a free communication tool to, you guessed it, communicate. By keeping it as an accessory and not foundational, when the time comes that it burns out we can drop it quick and not hurt anything important.

As always, I look to you guys for the direction on this. What would you like to see coming from our feed? Do you miss Lando's random questioning of the universe? What feeds do you read, and why? Let us know.

As ever, our audience helps steer the ship so shape the course baby!


Big Dave (OZ)
over nine years ago

Love the forum idea, in fact I\'ve already registered. I don\'t do twitter. Or any of the other CIA/NSA data mining operations.

Dave (UK)
over nine years ago

Forums? Probably yes, although I may not be able to do it justice due to other commitments.

Twitter? What\'s Twitter? Sorry guys, I\'ve never got round to it, am I missing something?

I like the 5s when I get time, I love the fact we get a little to and fro going on the front page. It serves sometimes as an advert, as well as feedback.

Your gig, your set-list...

over nine years ago

I was initially against the idea at first, but upon further thought I have come to the conclusion that an ozone nightmare forum would be a most helpful addition to the site.

Like Lando, I\'m an enthusiastic reader of obscure science fiction novels and have often toyed with the idea of proposing a Ozone Nightmare obscure Sci-Fi novel exchange. I\'ve never followed through with an email outlining this idea and now I think I know why. It would be much more efficient in terms of gauging interest, brainstorming methodology, and general management of such a system over a forum. Also, a forum would not overly tax the time and energy of the show\'s creators in regard to ideas of this nature.

We all listen to Ozone Nightmare because we are somewhat like minded. Perhaps we should explore the extent of that like mindedness within a context that allows a free flow of ideas.

Yes! Yes! An Ozone Nightmare forum is a must.

over nine years ago

Well folks, you know I\'m not one to lie to you: I can\'t see any time in the near future where I will admin a forum. The setup we have now doesn\'t include one, and I just don\'t have the time to try and build one or the spare cash to pay for one. If one of you, or more than one, has the ability or the desire to set one up, I will be more than happy to back it up with the site and our support.

over nine years ago

It\'s done. It\'s real basic but I\'ll get it more in shape soon.

over nine years ago

Setting up The Ozone Nightmare Forum might not be such a bad idea - it could potentially serve as a more relaxed form of idea sharing - sometimes, when I listen to daily fives I don\'t comment on them for the simple reason that there are newer posts/shows.

over nine years ago

I really enjoy the twitter feed when it\'s filled with random enigmatic thoughts. The feed, like the show, usually offers a gateway to something that\'s been bouncing around my undermind. Take this for example:

We should all be so lucky to have a back up personality for when the shit hits the fan. It would be funny to run rampant as an alternate me.

My respose to that, in my own mind, was: That\'s why human beings need narratives. We need a way to escape the prisons of our identity. That\'s what makes the internet so appealing, we can choose and mold an identity for ourselves and abandon it when we see fit. In a world (you should read that like a movie trailer voiceover dude) where our identities have become dominated so heavily by the culture at large and the prevalance of marketing, we need to feel that control (or controller). There was a time when most of us would be labeled as \"misfit\" and that gave us a sense of fraternity, but to a certain extent that\'s been fractured by our newly found \"categories\". \"Sorry I\'m not really interested in what you have to say. I\'m an urban* metrosexual pseudointellectual pabst-drinking hipster type misfit and you are, clearly, a swarthy** homosexual DIY 2600-reading KPFA-listening hackerspace type misfit.\"

Now that little digression may mean very little to anyone here, but it makes my days better. It makes me think. And that\'s always good.

* This means black.
** This means latin.
*** It\'s time travel.