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Nov 20, 2009

This week Lando and I are talking games, and specifically the effect of MMOs on our need for innovation. Have the successes of MMOs, and even other multiplayer-centric games, dulled our demand for improvement from developers? Or is the real issue that we have constrained developers into only making games that are all abut the same, with no room to shake things up? As usual, we manage to advocate something horrible (in this case, punching babies) in the course of our discussions. Enjoy!

Opening Music: "Alive WIP v2" by George Carpenter
Closing Music: "Born Under A Bad Sign" performed by The Great Oglee Moglee Blues Band

Big Dave (OZ)
over nine years ago

Zen meditation and computer games, I can see how some games could make you feel that way. I\'ve played some levels, or missions on some games repetitively, seeking perfection. I know the moves and the timing, but I can\'t ever remember achieving that perfection though. Maybe just attempting it is enough. I do the same thing with some of the car racing games, repetitive laps seeking incremental improvement, till you finally relax and manage to take whole seconds off previous best times. Then you stop, and realise how tired you are, you were so zoned into the game, you didn\'t realise what the time was. I don\'t play MMOs, I don\'t suffer fools, idiots, or morons well. Not that everyone who plays them is, but there just seems to be a gathering of them, probably the same reason I\'m not into Myspace, Facebook, or Twitter.