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Oct 28, 2009

Episode 8 of the thirty, bringing my final segment of our first 'listener comment' series. This episode: the death of arcades and my big B-movie villian list. Here are the films mentioned:

Highlander II
The Prophecy
The Shadow
Time Walker


Theme Music: "Came from the Deep" by Film Noir World

nine and a half years ago

Yo boi.
I may have highlighted this in a previous email commentary, but you guys (as in any one reading this) really need to read Gaming:Essays in Algorithmic Culture by Alex Galloway. He doesn\'t mention it as the \"death of the arcades\" but he points out how video games started to become more immersive in the narrative sense and how this is most evident as Galloway shows in the \"lifemeter\" which is a little bit of what you talked about.

An interesting note is that Neo Geo failed BECAUSE it tried to give home players the identical arcade experience (ie it cost too much).

The Dreamcast enjoys a big cult following because it is so easy to hack and do homebrew for. That\'s what I\'ve heard anyway.

and yeah...I think anything more than .50 for an arcade game is BULLSHIT

if you are in Brooklyn you should check out Barcade.

It doesn\'t sound as posh as what you are talking about, but it is nice. Unless you don\'t like hipsters.

The death of arcades is also in part how hard they are to maintain. If you\'ve ever walked into a laundromat in a weird neighborhood where half the buttons are working on a Marvel vs. Capcom 2 cabinet, you\'ll know what I mean

peace &