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Oct 14, 2009

Episode 7 of the thirty, bringing the second segment of our first 'listener comment' series. This episode, I talk a bit about computers, from my theory on what you should look for in one to how to figure out what all the jargon means. Enjoy!

Theme Music: "Came from the Deep" by Film Noir World

nine and a half years ago

HeeeeeeeeeEEeeeey Joe (I\'m sure you\'ve never heard that one before, ha). I remember you talked a while back about working in one of those crazy vacuum chambers and had to where a suit and stuff. Maybe I\'m wrong can\'t remember exactly the details you mentioned...but that would be interesting to hear about. I would have put it in the request thread, but I just remembered as you were in your chip discussion/soliloquy whathaveyou.

past shows have been great! keep it up guys

Dave (UK)
nine and a half years ago

It\'s good to hear from a fellow Luddite. I am also in favour of the minimalist self-assembly approach. I don\'t have much knowledge on such things but have been upgrading my tower on and off for about 7 years.

Shame though it\'s currently in the ICU. This time I think the graphics card has kaput\'ed. It sounds off on the BIOS for the graphics. Probably my fault as well. Replaced my whopping 30G HD and gave the mumB fans a good clean, that was it! I managed 30 minutes game time of Football Manager \'09 and the next time I booted - nada.

I have the belt and braces approach though. Until I can justify fixing it I have the main laptop, an old PowerBook iBook G4 and a shitty Vista Compaq to get me through. The girlfriend always calls me a geek when I rock up for a 5 day stay with both laptops and the 750G stand-alone but will always then ask what new American Dad/South Park/Manga/Studio Gibli/Family Guy I have with me!

Women! ;o)

nine and a half years ago

Hey Brian,

To your point, an AIO machine is a tough call in your scenario. I would almost suggest getting one if you don\'t mind unplugging / replugging it, and really with an iMac or similar PC analog it wouldn\'t even be much of an effort. You could even go so far as to get a wireless printer do that you could connect from any location, and even further get a networked HDD so that you could access a central file store from any room. This is all dependent on budget too, so if you\'re looking for the cheapest answer a laptop is probably still the best bet for you right now.

Also consider this possibility: buy a good PC tower, no monitor, and a netbook. Set up the tower with a hard-wired ethernet connection and remote into that box from any room. One great thing about the current computer market is that you can do a lot of this pretty cheaply. No BS, you could do the above tower / netbook setup for maybe $1000 and have the capacity to upgrade the tower as you go. Thanks for the comment / question!

nine and a half years ago

Thanks Joe, your segment on CPU\'s helped put everything in perspective. I was getting lost reading detailed articles about all the special features of different CPU\'s that just lost me. As you stated at the end of the days the higher the Core and MHZ the better for a majority of cases.