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Twitter TMI

May 12, 2010

Dave (UK)
almost nine years ago

Well I did hear that this year the world will reach Peak Storage. With only 25% of stored data on the WWW being original material it\'s only a matter of time that crap gets euthanised from the net.

\"I got out of bed, picked my ass, smelled of cabbage.\"

Dan Ashcroft [from TV show Nathan Barley], \"The idiots are winning.\"


almost nine years ago

The fact that the internet is being archived has always been a scary thought for me. I remember in a way earlier episodes one of you said that eventually it will get to a point were people say \"I don\'t want to be googled.\"

Well I think that time has already came and was possibly here long before anyone realized it. And for those out there who aren\'t googleable yet I feel it won\'t be long until everyone is. Sad thing its our own fault, through the use of social networks and other sites such as twitter.

Something to think about though, imagine if this technology had been around since we were born. Now imagine what it would be like to be able to go back and see everything you said to someone, electronically of course, since you were of suitable age to use a computer.

Personally I don\'t want to remember some of the stupid things I have said and done in the past. However with the archiving of the internet becoming popular by multiple entities these days, forgetting the past may be a thing of the past.

I\'m curious what kind of psychological effects this will have on people in the future.